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lola_tagging space, intersection geometries
pro 2005/05 - 2008/02 extension and restauration of a house from the 50th, in the golden ground
material exposed concrete, oak, coated steel, linoleum, zink
client katja & brian jones
engineers bollinger-grohmann, ffm
01 20

LOLA performance series

‘Lola stayed too long’

Performance 1 – 10 March 2018, Sydney School Of Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney

Collaboration with Michelle St Anne (director, The Living Room Theatre), stage set design. As part of the ‘Anastasia Project – Representing Heat through Performance’, SEI Sydney Environmental Institute, The University of Sydney.


It wove two seemingly unconnected stories. One, which occurred during the heatwave of January 2017 in a Sydney suburb and the other in a fictionally named rural community in Western Norway where the snow came two months late. These stories were told through portraits and sound recordings, and attempted to reconcile the personal with the epic. The fear, the guilt, the anxiety of an ageing mother with the unimaginable denial of a warming world. The first in the performance series, Lola stayed too long premiered within the rooms, corridors and clinics of the Vet School. Traversing theses terrains, the audience experienced the varied landscapes which embodied research, stories and community sentiments about heat in a Sydney Suburbs and its implications as far as Norway in a non-linear narrative.


The Living Room Theatre, School of Performance Studies and Sydney School of Veterinary Science


LOLA (‘I just wanted to be alone with her’)

Performance 6 September - 8 September 2018, 107 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016



Time tracks life, death and the in-between, often quiet, often still.

‘i just wanted to be alone with her’ is a new chamber work on the physical, ethical and emotional resonances of the life of an elderly woman, living on her own, who collapses during a heatwave. The 2017 January heatwave frames the work which is deeply personal. The aged are often unseen, unheard. Of all shock climate events, heatwaves are the most lethal. With an ageing population and many living alone, I hope we begin to see, hear and listen for our elderly neighbours. The Living Room Theatre merge with field recordings conducted by the Sydney Environment Institute of people living in extreme heat. The work explores the fusion of image, voice and sound and what it is to die alone.