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branding diamonds_elevators
pro 2005/05 - 2008/02 extension and restauration of a house from the 50th, in the golden ground
material exposed concrete, oak, coated steel, linoleum, zink
client katja & brian jones
engineers bollinger-grohmann, ffm
08 11

The elevator investigates new posiblilities of vertical movement and is conceived as a challenge to Thyssenkrupp. The elevator consists of an external romboid steel mesh with a series of steel rings and an alumnium metal capsule. The shape of the elevator cabins is designed to remind of a Faberge egg, a strong synonym of luxury and jewellery masterpieces. Three tubes for elevator capsules are arranged around a core structure that runs through the whole building, from the ground plane to the cafe level.

When the cabin is passing through system, the steel rings system is activated by electronic impulse, and reacts in compressions and expansion, and thus pushes the capsule upwards. The mesh system is designed to be very fine, so that the horizontal movement through the ramps is continued in the vertical movement supported by the invisible structure of the elevator.