2008 Dagmar Reinhardt and Alexander Jung: ‘Representation as Research: Design Model And Media Rotation’, RIBA Journal of Architecture, ed. Hilde Heynen (Routledge Taylor Francis, Vol.13, April 2008): 185-201.
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Digital modes are increasingly influencing the process of representing, producing, and thinking architecture. The digital employs administrative control and information management over a maximum amount of project parameters through systemic delay- We may ask: Has the rhetoric become the object of design? Is representation merely illustration? The paper explores the use of the ‘Design Model’ as a generative design tool and a strategy of ‘Media Rotation’ in digital and analogue media that cultivate and stimulate creative thinking in the process of architectural design. This approach investigates a new role for representations, which departs from the simply illustrative and invokes semantic and operative representations.

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