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reinhardt & jung
project 1

three little pigs

This workshop for children modelled along the story of the three little pigs. ‘I huff you and puff you and blow your house down’, says the big scary wolf. The three little pigs build a house – each one with the materials at hand. Made from straw, from wood and from bricks, the three houses are typologies of architectural shelters. The children build these model houses, and play the story. Age 4 and up.

Date: March 2010

project 2

my house

How is a house built? What craftsmen are involved in the construction? What is the work of the architect? How does the house function? We will build together an architectural model in the scale of 1:50. Children are introduced to the structure, functions and making of a house while playing an architect, a builder, a painter, a carpenter.

Date: April 2010

project 3

my part of town

On the way to kindergarden, to school, to library and swimming pool, while doing shopping, kids explore their environment. The seminar takes them on an architectural stroll that explains the buildings, the places, the organisations of the neighbourhood. The children learn about their environment while drawing plans, filling out individual city maps, photographing and sketching situations of daily life. Age 6 and up.

Date: June 2010

project 4

bridges and towers

is a workshop series that explores special buildings through darwing and model building, such as stadions, bridges, towers. We will look at images, discuss a design, form teams of two, and build. Age 4 and up.

Date: April 2010

project 5

knights and princesses

Life in a medieval castle was very different to life today – from the life in a castle to market days, food productions, festive days. The workshops plays the life of beautiful princesses and brave knights with paper models and small puppets. All equipment provided. Age 4 and up.

Date: June 2010

project 6

doll house

This is a project for both parents and children. From a module set of parts, we will assemble and paint an individual doll house for each child. For all ages.

Date: June 2010

01 26

architecture for kids

‘architecture for kids’ is a new branch of reinhardt_jung’s engagement with the mediation of architecture. Houses, castles, towers, bridges are of great interest to children of all ages. In play – with doll houses, lego, playmobil, the puppet theatre – children explore different roles, situations and spaces of life. In play, they become the makers of their environment. In the studio space of reinhardt_jung, we offer workshops and seminars where children build and play architecture. As architects and educators, we bring our architectural knowledge and competence into specifically designed themes and project work with children.

Please contact us for dates and details.